Friday, 7 December 2018

Living Energy is changing!!!! (BIG NEWS)

By now I have spoke to my clients and many others may have heard the news....
It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing, Living Energy is moving AND re-branding as of January 2019.
As many of you know, my wife, daughters and I own 2 businesses in Frankford, where we live (Inner Peace Spa & Wellness Studio and The ArtiZen Cafe). We love our little community, and what we have created there. Shawna and I both agreed, that once we opened our cafe (almost a year and a half ago) we would then have everything in place that we want and love to do.Our next step would be simplifying our lifestyle, yet still allowing ourselves the ability to to do what we love.
With that, the thought of, “wouldn’t it be nice to have all our business in Frankford” became a much stronger reality. With my lease coming up at the end of May 2019, we made the decision this past summer that this would be my last year in, Belleville. However, things began to move much more quickly when my friend and former colleague, Jessica was looking for a space to move with her team. This set the wheels in motion for the inevitable move to happen much sooner than anticipated. JANUARY!!!
As the new, “Evolve Wellness Studio” and team moves in over the holidays, Living Energy and Inner Peace Spa will be re-branding into Zenergy Health & Wellness in Frankford!! My family and I are incredibly excited about this move. It makes sense for us. Honestly, it’s the first time in my career (which has been in Belleville for all but one year), that I’m putting my family, our lifestyle, and our future first. During the process of sorting out the how, when etc… I did a list of pros and cons. The ONLY con, granted it’s a big one, is that I lose a few really great people as clients that I’ve had for as long as just about 12 years in some cases!
Living Energy was originally opened with the intent of making people feel as comfortable in the studio, as they do in their own home. And boy did we do that! From the deep personal conversations, to the down right off-side ones (often in the 5am club), the trash talking (mostly directed at the Fitness Coach) and the full on belly laughs; We had an amazing environment, community and energy and I owe it all to YOU… my clients.
Words cannot express what my client roster means to me. I feel privileged, humbled and extremely proud to have been able to get to know all of my clients, and to have them stick with me for SO MANY years. I’ve said it to some people before, that I can honestly say I do not have one client that I could not confide in or whom I don’t consider a friend. I could go to any one of my clients, and share private conversations or secrets, ask for advice or just to vent if I needed to, and they’d be there for me, as I would for them.
I love fitness, health, anatomy and physiology etc.. But mostly I love to be with people and share memories, stories and laughter. I have always cared for my clients health and well being, but I really feel that during my almost 6-years of owning Living Energy, my clients brought even more of that to the forefront from within me. Sure the workouts are important, and the technical stuff is necessary, but when you look at the bigger picture of health and happiness….
- The number of plates on the bar are irrelevant.
- The amount of reps you did or how fast you went doesn’t matter
- The “amazing 6-week workout” you do for big arms or a tight butt is not pertinent in the grand scheme of things
What was important at Living Energy was that my clients could come in the door, and have their 45min session to forget about their day, vent about their day, act silly, let their frustrations out, laugh etc.. and feel much better when they leave. “What’s said in the studio, stays in the studio” - and we all knew that.
Although I’ll now be in, Frankford and although we are re-branding and combining businesses I would like to remind everyone who visits;
The goal is still the same; To feel as comfortable at the studio as you are in your own home
The environment and community at the studio are still things that I will passionately protect.
And finally….
Yes - change sucks. I wish I could pick up all my clients and take them with me. However, change is also good. Shawna and I know, that this move will only ENHANCE our businesses. It’s already ignited our passion for what we love to do, excited our team and we haven’t even made the move yet. 
Thank you ALL again for supporting me over the years.
Thank you to my TEAM at the studio for making your clients happy to be coming in and being great with what you do.
A reminder to those of you in, Belleville; Frankford is only 20-25min drive. It’s not far. I did it for almost 18 years now, 5-days per week. Whether you are coming with me or not, don’t be strangers. Come say hi, let's sit and have a tea/coffee and absolutely do NOT LOSE TOUCH. I can come do the same (to allow for some “home/away visits”) You have all been a part of my life for so long, that will not change.
***Please watch the Living Energy page for updates, and info regarding new pages, links etc for Zenergy Health and Wellness. ****