Monday, 10 December 2018

Bye Bye Facebook!

As some of you know, I took a Social Media Vacation .... and it.... felt.... great!  It was a total success. 

But here's the aftermath;   I went right back to it.  Actually, I probably even took a small step back from where I was before I started the vacation. Crazy.  Like anything in life, we all react differently.  And apparently I am one of those people who can be addicted to it, quite easily. 

I was discussing it with a friend last week who came for a visit and a tea, and she was mentioning how she got off Facebook (with the exception of her business page).  "Wait what!?!?"  The main reason I still had Facebook was due to our business pages, since you have to have a personal account attached to it.  She explained her clever way around it, and BAM! No more Facebook.  Yay! 

Here's the thing;  You can be addicted to anything really, but until you recognize it as a problem, it will be incredibly tough to ever stop.  The first step is to realize that you aren't the one in control and you're mindlessly going back to whatever it is that snags up your time and energy. 

  • There was rarely anything important on my news feed
  • My feed is mostly filled with jokes, gifs, memes or advertisements that I have to click "hide" so they don't keep popping up. 
  • Things out of my control stress me out. The recent b@#$%^!!!! with the Christmas songs for example.  Or reading a post from TSN or Sportsnet about a play or an incident (which is fine) but then reading some of the ridiculous comments people put on there..... ARRGGHGH!!!!! 
  • Many of us have people as "friends" whom we rarely see or talk to.  Those who truly want to talk and stay in touch, they will.  And they don't need social media to do it. 
I have no one to blame but myself though. Sure we all see those stupid comments or posts, be it from people we know, or people we don't. However, the only one to blame is ourselves because we're the ones being sucked in. 

Maybe it's my "wisdom" as I get older..... 

Maybe it's that my wife and I work our asses off to support our family and provide great businesses to our community, so when we get time to ourselves..... we just want to relax and enjoy it.....(and not be stressed out by things that are not in our control)

Maybe I just want to live in my "own reality" and not have the craziness of our world in my face on a daily basis.... 

Regardless, I'm excited about this decision.  And just like when I took a social media vacation, when the decision was made, I literally felt like something had been lifted off my shoulders.  That's when you know it's a good decision.  

Our pages below are still active and full of updates and info.  :)  Keep following and thank you all again for your support.