Monday, 5 November 2018

Don't get too comfy / You won't melt

I've mentioned before that my 10-year old daughter and I will walk to school on my mornings off.  It's a great way to start off the day. We first walk to our family cafe, I grab a coffee, we say good morning and give my wife a hug/kiss and then we head down the trail to the school.  Once my daughter is at school, I pop my headphones in and put on a podcast or audio book for the walk home while I sip my coffee and enjoy the fresh air.

This means that before 9:30am.... 

* I've had some form of activity/movement
* I've had some time with my daughter
* I've had some "me time" (whether that's listening to a podcast/audio book or simply taking in my surroundings)
* I've had some fresh air and been outside
* I've enjoyed a coffee (mmmm... coffee)

The rest of the day is open to possibilities for more activity / movement, meditation, etc... But at the very least, I've done something already before the day really gets going.

What I was reminded of on this morning's walk though was how often we come up with an excuse to NOT walk or get outside.  Often this is due to mother nature and whatever weather she's bringing us that day.  Granted, I definitely believe there are weather conditions that we encounter where staying inside for our exercise or choosing to drive is a better option, but more often I hear "weather" as the excuse for someone not getting outdoors. (*And the excuse of "well the dog didn't want to go" is not a good one either) ;)

Human beings have survived on earth for hundreds of thousands of years in varying weather conditions, temperatures etc... and with less protection than we do now (shelters vs houses etc).  The key word there is "survived".

You WILL SURVIVE if you go walk in the rain. 

You WILL SURVIVE if you are a bit chilly. 

You WILL SURVIVE in "less than perfect conditions"

Our bodies are used to the environment changing around us.  It has not evolved to the consistent environment of being indoors, the lack of fresh air, the lack of nature (sun, sounds etc...) around us.  We need to not use weather as our excuse so often because it's rare to get those "perfect" weather days.  And if that's what you're waiting for, your opportunity for outdoor exercise will be minimal year after year.  

You won't melt.  

You will make it.  

And you'll be happy you did. .....

Get outside and move.