Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Days that "Flow": How many do you have?

Last week was the first week, in I don't know how long,  where I had days with total flow to them.  What do I mean by "flow"?

A day that flows is a day.... 

.....that is not rushed at any point. 

.....where you feel like you're constantly taking in a breath of fresh air. 

......where stress is no where to be found. 

.....where only one thing (or nothing) is "booked" or on a schedule. 

..... that makes you realize how fantastic the simple things in life really are. 

When those two days I had last week like this were over, I was tired (but a good tired).  I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and energized (as we should in my opinion). I didn't feel dragged down, stressed out or ready for the day to end.  I felt grateful for the day I had.  I couldn't help but share how I was feeling with my wife, and all I could think was "wow - what an awesome day!". Rather than being thankful bedtime was near so I could just move on to tomorrow, I felt ready for a rest, but excited to take on whatever tomorrow would bring.  

Now, think about how that feels (or how it would feel if you haven't experienced a day like this recently).  Imagine if we put more focus into our lifestyle habits (not just fitness and nutrition - our day as a whole), and that this type of day, was the norm for us.  Imagine finishing most days (vs only a few here and there) and feeling the way I just described above.  Wow!  

Now, think about how that would impact our health! We would have....

... more energy to be active
....more gratitude 
....less stress
....less scheduled events/activities and more just living     
....Increased sense of freedom
....Increased love for life

I know I have more of these days coming, as my family and I work to simplify our lifestyles while increasing our health and still being able to do what we are passionate for.  I am excited to make these days my norm. I can see this seriously happening in the not so distant future, which I am excited to share and elaborate on as we move forward. 

In the meantime, I plan to log these days and what they bring. The feelings I feel, the things I do etc... So that I can watch this lifestyle unfold in detail, and watch my health (mental and physical) improve along with it.