Friday, 16 November 2018

Breathing & Movement is truly medicine

I've been given a wonderful reminder this morning as to how powerful our breathing, and movement can be. 

My Friday morning has not gone so well.   Very stressed and frustrated actually.  I took advantage of a (large) unexpected break, got some work done and had my breakfast.  I was still full of bad energy and it was abundant.  So I did this (in this order)....

  • 2-min meditation. Used my meditation app/timer. Put on some background meditation music and had the chime set for 2-min.  Sat comfy in my chair in the office and just breathed.  Right off the hop, I noticed 100% how I was breathing. It was short and far from deep/full.  It never ceases to amaze me how the body reacts to stress (and often in an unnoticeable way unless we slow down to listen and feel).  
  • Started the kettle to make my chamomile & lavender tea.  To soothe and calm some more. I used my big mason jar mug to be sure to have lots of it! 
  • Turned on some meditation music on my Google Play to flush out the negative vibes in the studio (which is still playing in the main workout area now).  
  • Did 4 simple exercises.  Full body movements.  Breathing set the pace.  10+ breaths per exercise.  I did Ball Jacknifes, Lunges w/ stick overhead, Modified Deadbug and Windshield wipers/knees side to side. 
This all took (maybe) 10-min.  Nothing too crazy right? Pretty straight forward and simple.  And yet, I feel a change in my energy.  I feel more balanced.  Not completely unstressed, but balanced.  A more mellowed approach to this morning's stress shall we say.  It's a nice feeling.  

I plan to do this (or similar) after lunch when I get home as well.  As much as I'd rather feel mellow and balanced everyday, these reminders are what keep us moving forward and learning about our health and how to practice it so we can reap the benefits!