Monday, 22 October 2018

The "Undisputed Champions" of Health

With everything we read about, hear about, see on TV or the internet, there are 3 health factors that seem to never be disputed;




If we do these 3 things on a daily basis, we will be healthy.   Seems to simple doesn't it?  In theory, yes. But in practice... that's where it's tough.  Most of us can include these three things into our days for a week, maybe a month or two, but then we fall off the wagon.  Often times because we think it's not enough or we think there's something that will get us to where we "want to be" faster.  Guess what? There is!  HOWEVER it won't last with those quicker / "sexier" options.  

Doing the basics, daily and putting them into practice for a lifetime is where we will reap the benefits.  I promise you one thing as well;  in my almost 18-year career, none of these 3 health factors are ever questioned or disputed. 

They are the foundation.  

They are your key to health. 

They are the basics of a healthy human being.  

Let's stop over-thinking things, and start putting these practices into action.