Thursday, 16 August 2018

Harsh reminders

Currently, I'm writing this post on day 3, post injury....

During my soccer game Monday night this week, later in the first half, I jumped to intercept a ball and clear it with a header.  I was running back toward my own 18-yard box as the ball was coming over my head, so to clear it I had to jump and twist a bit to head it away from my goal.  I did that and got the ball away, but as I landed, I came down awkwardly on my right ankle and that was the end of my night.

I used to roll my right ankle often when I was younger. From my second year of U17 rep soccer, through my regional years and into college.  I wore a brace for some of those years to help prevent re-injury.  Since then, I've been fortunate and haven't had ankle injuries.  This one however, is my worst ever.

The past several years my only concern in soccer has been not straining my hamstrings. I've had one minor episode this season that kept me out of one half of soccer due to my hamstrings and that's it! Which is a record, and I attribute to my, Chiropractor for sure! This latest injury (if we have to find a positive in the situation) is just one of those fluky things, and risks that come with playing any sport. In hindsight I've done great with soccer this season;  playing lots in games, feeling good out there, and to date, I've missed 1 game worth of play (granted, I'll be missing at least the next 1 or 2 I'm sure). But that's pretty good in comparison to my past 8-9 seasons!  (Thanks again to my Chiropractor!)

I've currently had two treatments with my Athletic Therapist, and the initial diagnosis is a bad sprain and most likely nothing broken.  However, here I am on Day 3, still not working (because I can't drive - still can't put enough pressure on my foot to do so, and on crutches at home).  I'm waiting for a call to go get an x-ray and ultra sound to hopefully confirm I'm just dealing with a sprain as we figure.  To be on the safe side. My Athletic Therapist thinks it's a good idea as well since then we'll confirm the direction of rehabilitation. Granted, there's been minor improvements each day, but I am still hobbling around on crutches and still dealing with swelling, discomfort etc.  I'm in the typical stage of "injury depression" people go through and of course, it sucks!  But it's really made me think and given me harsh reminders, which is why I felt like writing this post today.

Here's a few things that have been floating in my mind during my injured state....

  • There are always others who are worse off.  Whether my ankle has a break/fracture or is just sprained, there are plenty of others suffering worse things.  I can't imagine having a permanent disability or condition that would force me to have use of only one leg permanently. The strength and perseverance of these people is incredible, and you can't truly respect it until you (temporarily) go through a similar time in your life.  Then there's the loss of a family member a client has had to deal with this week;  while I feel sorry for myself and feel useless at home not working, my client and her family are dealing with the loss of a loved one.  Sure makes me tell myself to "suck it up!"
  • We take for granted being healthy and mobile way too much.  It's always the way - until we can't do something, we don't truly appreciate being able to do it.  All I can think of (besides being able to play soccer again soon) is; I want to go for a walk or a hike, I want to go for a run, I want to squat, lunge and workout. Not to lift 'x' amount of weight, or to run 'x' amount of kilometers in a particular time... just to move and be healthy. This makes me ask myself;  when I am healthy and uninjured, why do we (I) stop doing these things sometimes? why wouldn't I do these things regularly and never stop? Why would anyone not appreciate the ability to do these great things that make us healthy in both body and mind?
  • I am so lucky to be surrounded by loved ones on a daily basis.  No matter how crazy life gets, what stresses are happening around us, it's so important to have loved ones with you and supporting you.  My daughters are amazing, and my wife is amazing.  I'm stuck at home, unable to work, meanwhile my girls are waiting on me if I need help, and my wife is working her butt off (as usual) and then coming home to do the same for me.  It sure makes you appreciate how you've raised amazing kids, and how incredibly strong and helpful loved ones can be when it's necessary, without a second thought.  
Maybe this is a "sob story", or me "being whiny", but my entire athletic career (since I was 4-years old) I've never broken a bone, or had many injuries that have kept me away from work or out long term.  Granted, I hopefully only have a bad sprain as we suspect, but regardless, as an entrepreneur it's incredibly hard to take time off for something like an injury. And in my line of work as a Fitness Coach, my ability to move is "kind of important".  

Thankfully in addition to my support at home, I have an incredibly supportive client roster, and practitioners who are helping me get back to work and hopefully back to healthy function again soon! But until then, my mind will continue to remind me to appreciate the little things in life that so many of us have the abilities to do and enjoy.