Monday, 18 June 2018

Carbonated water or regular water?

The Living Energy blog took a back seat the past week or so, as I've been busy with several different things going on;  2 workshop presentations, music gigs etc... It's been a busy, but good couple weeks since my last post.

I had the pleasure of being a part of the L.I.F.E conference at Loyalist College here in Belleville, as a guest speaker, doing a workshop on day 1 and 2 of the faculty conference.  I was totally pumped to be a part of it, for a few reasons:

- I love to speak at workshops / seminars
- I was excited to do a new workshop on breath work and meditation, and to expand on my Shift the Focus seminar.  
- It was my first guided meditation/relaxation session done with more than 10 people (there were 38 participants) 
- I feel honoured when my old school supports me, and asks me to be a part of things (especially to this scale).  I am a proud alumni and I'm always happy to give back to my school where my career began. 

Carbonated water or regular water??

Following my "Shift the Focus" seminar on Day 2 of the conference, a nice lady came up to ask me a question.  She asked if carbonated water instead of regular water is ok to drink (in general) because she really doesn't drink a lot of water otherwise.

I mentioned that providing the carbonated water is not flavoured water, she should be fine.  It's just
additional carbon dioxide.  By "flavoured" I mean the artificially flavoured garbage you buy at the convenience store or grocery store.  If she desires flavour I suggested adding her own by adding lemon, cucumber, mint leaves etc...

My colleague, and former teacher was with us as well, and he was asking if she meant during a workout or in general? She did mean in general, but mentioned she also drinks nothing when she works out.

Typically, it's probably a better habit to be sipping some water at least a bit during workouts. Of course, it all depends on the weather, intensity of the workout, etc... But as a general rule, having some sips is probably a good idea.  In the workout case though, carbonated water wouldn't be the better option due to the fact that the carbon dioxide could make you feel bloaty and gassy.

 She did acknowledge that it's a problem and she needs to work on drinking water during her workout routines.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to expand on what we discussed on the "Shift the Focus" seminar, and building new health practices slowly and progressively.  I suggested during her next workout....

- Have a bottle of water, but aim to take 1-2 sips during the workout.  If she feels like more go ahead, but don't worry about it if she only takes 1-2 sips.
- Start with that target for a week or two, and then add a few more sips.
- Progress like that every couple weeks, and within a couple months, she'll be drinking enough without a doubt.

We all rush to be "perfect" or reach our goal before our body-mind are even ready for it.  What's the rush!?  Progress slowly. Chip away at it.  As I mentioned earlier, if currently this woman is drinking nothing during her workouts, and in a couple months she's drinking a 500mL bottle...... That's fantastic!!!!

Keep your health goals and practices SIMPLE.  Drinking water, enough water, on a daily basis is a perfect example of a simple target to hit that will have a massive impact on your health and energy levels.