Thursday, 10 May 2018

Shark Habits: One bite

Those who follow the blog and Facebook page know that I'm a HUGE fan of, Dan John.  He's a brilliant mind, and it's not even just his technical fitness knowledge, but even more so I love his approach to fitness, health and life.

2018 has been a good year for me in taking back control of my self care.  Owning businesses, especially ones where your energy is often devoted solely to your clients to give them your best, it's easy to get away from taking good care of yourself.  5-years of business ownership has helped me learn the importance of creating habits of simplicity in my daily life.

Dan John's "Shark Habits" is something that is on my mind constantly since reading his article and listening to some of his interviews on my favourite podcasts.  We've heard similar advice before, but somehow, Dan always makes the basics of life seem so amazing.

This morning was an example of what a "Shark Habit" is.  You have something you know you need to get done. Often, they are things that really won't take long, but for whatever reason we procrastinate, put them off and then get stressed because our to-do list has piled up. Then that task lacks focus and quality because we rush through it to get the rest of the stuff done.  Shark habits are, "One bite and done".  Have an email to send - send it.  Phone call to make - do it.  Daily exercises to do - get them done.  You get the hint.

So this morning, with a client away, I had 20-25min between clients.  I have my daily workout to get in before I leave the studio later today, but I have soccer practice tonight and music to practice and prep for my weekend gig, so time is limited.  Rather than spend time on social media etc... I got in my daily movement work. 10min or so.  Done!  Now after my last client, I can get the rest of my workout in (20-25min) and head home for the rest of my day.  It's a simple way to approach your days, yet we all fall into the "time wasting / procrastinating trap".  But just like a workout, when you do it and it's done, you feel SO GOOD to have just got it done!

Take a read of, Dan John's article to really understand "Shark Habits" and start to put this into practice in your daily life.

Dan John: Shark Habits