Monday, 9 April 2018

The "Habit" is more important than the "What"

The habit is the most important element
to your health; even more so than the "what".
It doesn't really matter "what" you do; there's really no right or wrong. Everything out there works for certain people. And in the same respect, everything out there is not for everybody.
The main factor is, you need to do something! Don't force things on yourself you don't want to do, because it won't stick and therefore won't become a habit.
The "what" can vary each day if you want. But by doing something daily, you'll ensure the habit is in place. That will ensure you end up with some pretty awesome results in terms of your health.
Don't worry about the "perfect routine" or "program" - they don't exist. Do what feels good that day, for you. This morning I woke up, and typically I will hop on the stationary bike and do a light 5km ride to start my day with some light movement. This morning I just wasn't feeling it, so instead I enjoyed a 20-min yoga session. Mentally and physically it felt great to change it up, and I was able to start the day with a good positive feeling rather than forcing myself to do something I just didn't feel up to today, which would've started my day in a negative way. The habit of some morning light movement wasn't impacted at all though - because I just did something.
Don't complicate something that really can be simple....
No overthinking. No complication. Just do something.