Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Simple - Simple - SIMPLE

I came across this great article this morning from, Tim DiFrancesco (I love Twitter for that reason!).


As usual, Tim makes some great points in this article, but the first one in particular is my favourite. I've said it many times before in posts, and as I continue to move forward in my 15+ year career, I become more and more passionate (and fascinated) by the basics.

(*One of the best for making the basics just plain awesome is of course, the legendary, Dan John*)

Here's the excerpt from Tim's article:

1. Thinking complicated is better: 
It's easy to see how some would assume that for a lifting program to be effective it needs to be long and complicated. New lifters tend to jump into complicated programs, get overwhelmed, and say "screw it I'm going back to jogging." 

When it comes to strength training I've found that the more basic the program, the more effective the program. I've also noticed that some of the most successful and long lasting pro athletes that I've worked with have some of the most basic routines. The thing is that they never waiver from them. 

Basic programs are easier to comply with especially for a novice lifter. If you are just getting into lifting you should look for a program that has 3-6 exercises per workout. 

It hits home for me as a professional as well, because as I look back over my career, you see the transition from simple, to "not so simple" and back to basics again.  It really relates to everyday living in our world today as well. The more simplistic we live, the less stress we have and the more fulfillment we can get out of our days.  Workouts are no exception;  Simplicity brings results. 

Great article, Tim!