Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Morning Routines/Rituals; They work!

It's March break!  Not as exciting for us "common people" who are still working mind you, but fun for the kids. Although, my week has shifted around a bit, so it's a nice minor change up from the norm. 

Some of my clients have shifted around this week or are away, so I took advantage and I have a pretty relaxed day today. Typically my Wednesdays include; a few late morning appointments, an afternoon work / workout gap and then some evening appointments.  Today is a rare early Wednesday for me so I can be home after lunch with my youngest so we can hang out while she's on March break and everyone else is working. I would've just stayed home to do my book work I need to do, but I've really learned that home and book work just don't mix (way too many distractions).

 Here's my day today; 

- Up at 5am
-Morning glass of water
- Did my daily morning 5km on the bike
- Breakfast and ready to head to work
- Arrived at the studio at 6:30am
- Did some book work (Yuck! Although the bulk of it was done much quicker than expected. Funny how that works with no distractions and focus)
- Enjoying my coffee while I blog 
- Workout
- Chiropractor appointment @ 10am
- Client at 11am
- Home to have fun with my daughter (hopefully go for a hike if the weather cooperates!) 

Despite today being so relaxed, as you can you see, I find that most of my mornings feel this way so far this year.  It's attributed to a few things;  

- Being pain free (thanks to treatments) and being active regularly again
- Getting to bed early to read (most nights during the week)
- Waiting to enjoy my coffee a couple hours after getting up vs almost right away

And the big one..... Having a regular morning routine again!

I'm becoming more and more fascinated by daily habits/routines. I enjoy reading about successful people and what they do on a daily basis in terms of just everyday habits.   When you sit back and really analyze your day, you see trends and you can really make a difference in your overall energy just by adjusting some minor things.  

This is how EVERY DAY starts for me now (regardless of what time I wake up): 

- Get out of bed, and head to the shower (helps wake me up)
- Pour a glass of water.  Drink a few sips to half of the glass. 
- Light movement.  Being up a bit before 4am when it's dark, I often hop on the bike and do a light 5km ride.  As it gets lighter (or like this past Saturday morning), I'll head outside for a 15-20min walk to start the day. 
- Finish my glass of water.  
- Make breakfast. 
- Make my lunch (unless there's leftovers) 
- Get dressed, say bye to my wife and head to work. 

It's not complicated. It's not rushed. And it feels great to start the day off this way.  It works for me.  

On the weekends, I'll do the same (even on Sundays if I have hockey in the morning) but after breakfast, I'll enjoy my coffee and surf the web a bit.  Nice and relaxing.  

I'm truly learning the value of these daily rituals in my life.  I'm reading more and more on the benefits and importance of incorporating your own rituals/habits (that work for YOU) into your every day.  In particular when life is so chaotic, it's a mental break to have a steady norm every single day, no matter how simple it is. I've also found that when you start your days relaxed, you tend to (most days) go through the rest of the day in the same way.  

When you incorporate those simple habits and daily rituals, I also find that it becomes easier for you to incorporate other habits into your day too, with less excuses (i.e. exercise, work etc...).  Things get scheduled or planned, and they just seem to get done more often than not;  I guess because you have those habits in place.  

Take a minute to think about it - What's your morning ritual?  How do you start your days?  Are you stressed and rushed? Do you leave the house ready to tackle the day or do you leave ticked off at the world and lack motivation?  Think about how this will impact the rest of your day. 

Well, as I mentioned earlier;  time for my workout before my chiropractor appointment this morning.  Gotta keep the routine going. :)  As always, thanks for reading!