Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Meditation practice: Week 3

I'm 2-days into week 3 of my meditation practice, and man it's going good!  I'm loving it!! Why?  3-simple reasons;

1)  I'm approaching it with with no expectations or judgement.  

2)  I'm keeping it simple with short, easy sessions to start.

3) I'm enjoying experimenting with various types of meditation.

My weeks have gone as follows:

Week 1: 

-  4-days completed
-  2-min sessions
-  Candle meditation

Week 2: 

-  4-days completed
-  2-min sessions
-  2-candle meditations and 2- 10 count meditations

Week 3: 

- 2-days into the week completed
- 3-min sessions
- Breathing meditation

It's been so simple, so comfortable, and the best part - so consistent!  In the past, I'd try to jump right into a 10-min session.  But it's just like anything else;  start simple and build up.  I've honestly never gone this far and this consistently with a meditation practice (despite completely believing the benefits attributed with it)

I've also found a position I enjoy meditating in (pic shown). The kneeling rest posture is comfortable for me and seems to keep me better focused in the now than some other positions do.

I'm loving experimenting with different types of meditation, and even toying with the posture until I got one I liked.  Because the sessions have been short and simple, as I build up, it's kept my motivation high and my consistency up.

I've already felt a newfound calmness early this year, which I attribute to the meditation practice so far.  Trust me, there's lots of stress. But my days seem to have me feeling more "mellow" and "go-with-the-flowy" (my new word).  Truly I feel I'm more present in the NOW and in a much more natural way too. It's not a forced feeling - it just is.  I love it!


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