Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Lack of mindfulness: A Rant

I'm becoming more and more frustrated with the lack of attention or mindfulness we face today.  It's just not getting any better.

For the past year, I can't count the number of times I ask a couple questions in a text message;  be it to a friend or to someone I'm helping out. Typically I do it because I have their attention at that moment (thinking it'll be good timing).  Yet the number of times I get a response only answering one of the questions is mind numbing. Maybe it's my fault for asking more than one question. But my theory has always been that if it's in writing, right in front of someone, they can take a second to look over everything, a second or third time if need be, before (or while) replying. Works for me at least.

Are we truly in that much of a hurry today that we can't take a second to pay attention to what someone is messaging us anymore? 

In our society, we typically message/text people more often than ever now (in my opinion because it's more convenient for the receiving person to respond when they have a minute, rather than bug them while they're in the middle of something).  But our fast paced, crazy world is killing our ability (very quickly) to observe and be aware of what's happening in the NOW.  We are so caught up on "what's next" that we forget about what's happening "right now".  

From my view point, we've created a more "convenient" means of communication with people who aren't in the same place as us, and yet the ability to communicate (or take in what is being communicated to us) has diminished immensely.  Does anyone else see how sad this is? 

We NEED to SLOW DOWN.  We NEED to see, feel and react to what is happening in the moment.  This goes for communicating, moving, eating and simply living.  We NEED to be MINDFUL of our actions and thoughts.  This is a part of HEALTH.  It's in Living Energy's philosophy; 

Be Active ~ Eat Real Food ~ Play ~ Live Now ~ Rest & Relax

We're on a very slippery slope and our health (mental and physical) is going with us. Take the time to practice mindfulness and your health whenever these situations arise.