Monday, 15 January 2018

"Can I do it?"

Guest post: Josh Roberts
(Fitness & Health Promotion student; Loyalist College, Belleville, ON)

How often do you think this?:
Many of us wake up in the morning with no desire to tackle our days. We think of all the negative and difficult things we have to work our way through, and how each of said things is going to be a pain for us. This is the typical way of seeing things, and everyone can be found guilty of it at least at some point in their lives, including myself. However, there are ways to try to counteract these unwanted thoughts, and try to persevere through our daily tasks with better thinking.

Bettering yourself can start anywhere; in your routines, habits, nutrition, thought patterns, fitness, education, and so on. All of said areas require effort, which is the first and most difficult step. We get into such repetitive routines as humans, following nearly the exact same regimes every day, making new things an uncomfortable unknown. Typically, we make ourselves so busy that we don’t have any downtime at all, and if we do, it’s spent in front of a screen, or practicing unhealthy habits. This can be tough to crack, of course if we do the same thing every single day, it isn’t easy to change. Life is all about simplicity, and change is NOT simple.

But, once we take the first step, results can come quickly. Of course, if you make one healthy meal after following bad nutritional habits, or workout one time after not lifting a limb for years, the change won’t be immediate. It’s the dedication to change, the dedication to results, that is what will motivate you.  With positive change, comes positive mindset, meaning a better outlook on our lives in general.

So, can you do it? The answer is yes, we can all do it. After your first big step is taken, whether that be getting to the gym, eating better, dropping an unhealthy habit, or anything positive, the battle is well on its way to being won. Change definitely isn’t simple, but the positive benefits are more than worth it. Start today, do something positive for you, begin your first step, you’ll thank yourself later.