Monday, 18 December 2017

Mindset shift

I was doing some of Michael Boyle's "Core Conditioning Course" I purchased while I had my unexpected break this afternoon.  I immediately had to hit pause to write this post quickly before my next clients, because (as usual) Michael Boyle made me go "AH-HA!" 

I am a firm believer of the philosophy of minimal effective dose (What is the least amount of work I can do to get the results I want/need?) But that philosophy, at least for me, had me thinking of training as a whole.  But here's a mindset shift for you that Michael Boyle brings up in his course; 

"What is the least amount of load I can use, to get the results I need?"

This is brilliant!  This is simple! This is a mindset shift through and through! 

We live in the Instagram and YouTube era where we see people lifting heavy all the time.  And we're reminded, to lift heavy.  I don't disagree with this by any means, but as usual we generalize and take the concept too far.  Especially when we're office workers who think we need to lift and train like professional athletes, or if we're a soccer player and think we need to train like a football (American football) player.  We all think we can do it before we're ready, that we "need to do it" and we all (eventually) pay for it in the end.  I fully admit I have. 

The crazy part is;  This would be a real challenge for many people;  Finding effective ways to improve, without just piling on more plates or using heavier dumbbells.  

I absolutely love this concept and love this addition to #Shiftthefocus here at Living Energy. :) As always, Thank you, Michael Boyle!