Monday, 20 November 2017

Someone else is always fighting a bigger battle

We all use excuses. We all whine about something at some point.  But no matter what is going on, or how "bad" we feel our own personal situation is, there are always others who are fighting much bigger battles than we could EVER imagine.  

It's easy to feel bad for yourself.  Last week I personally had a "long, tough week".  Things are good. But SO busy.  Lots on my mind (Not sure how my wife does it to be honest). Lots on the to-do list.  I had motivation issues all week (both with work, and with my music). My gig on Saturday night for a local fundraiser was really on my mind because my motivation to go and play with my usual excitement and energy was simply not there.  Plus, I had to miss my Aunt's 75th surprise party (only was able to go for 20min or so) since I had committed long ago to this fundraiser event. By Sunday, my back was bugging me a bit again (injury from spring) and my "blah" feeling was still hanging on a bit. 

Having said that, my week started fresh this morning.  I was up early to do my exercises and stretches, I watched a great Ted Talk video regarding the mental side of health and fitness ("Winning the mental battle of physical fitness and obesity"), and I feel focused and excited to get some work done and move forward with my day and week. 

I also wanted to read two blog posts from an incredible person, I feel very fortunate to have met several years ago, while I got the chance this morning. I added her blog to my Feedly feed last week and was curious to read her new blog.  Her story is incredible (I learned this the day I met her).  Her strength, perseverance and her positive energy is contagious. I've been the Fitness Coach for both her boys, including her oldest son for the past 3-years. The reason (besides her just being an amazing person) that I wanted to read this blog is because, her story I speak of involves her battle, and win, with cancer in the past.  However, I recently learned the cancer is back. This is her reasoning for starting her blog. 

I'm reading her two posts she has on there to date, and I couldn't help but think of all my "feeling blah" last week, my lack of motivation, my worry about my work, my fitness and health, my music .... It just isn't even remotely close to what this wonderful person and her family are going through this year.  

And yet, she attacks it with full force, pure strength and complete resilience. 

I couldn't help but shake my head and say "suck it up" to myself.  This woman and her family have a battle beyond my comprehension, and I'm whining about these little issues that I actually can change relatively quickly and easily.  None of these "issues" I have are anywhere remotely close to that #$%@ing disease that we all HATE beyond HATE; cancer.  It was a great kick in the ass for me to quit whining to myself, and get going. Make things happen, make the changes necessary to feel good and SUCK IT UP. 

I would highly recommend reading, Kristin's blog.  Again, this women's story, energy and attitude are inspiring without a doubt.