Thursday, 5 October 2017

Fitness in real life

It's been a bit since my last blog. My apologies.  My family and I have been very busy with our new business venture, the Artizen Cafe (which is going so well!).  Funny part is, despite our family being very busy now with a third business, things just seem to be more relaxed somehow day-to-day. Very strange. 

I thought I'd share a recent story;  I love these stories and comments from clients.  It truly solidifies why we should stay as healthy and active as we can, not for the extreme reasons but for the "everyday adventure" or memories.

A client of mine is soon retiring (December).  He's just about 70-years old. He has practiced law for several decades and is soon moving into a new chapter in his life.  Last week, he sent me a text message the day before his morning workout and said he wouldn't see me again until our session this week, as his partners are "hijacking" him (his words) "to places unknown".  It sounded exciting, so I wished him a great time.  5-hours later, I receive another text saying he'll be sitting on the 45-yard line at Lambeau Field for the Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears football game Thursday night.  Green Bay is his favourite team, and to make it an even better surprise, he's never been to Lambeau Field. :)

To shorten the story - he had an absolutely amazing time; tail gate party, enjoying the game (which the Packers won handily), and the camaraderie of his partners/friends.  To make it even better, he mentioned when he got back that his oldest son was also able to go, and surprised him at the airport before they all took off.  (I love these stories!)

Before I get to my point, here's a brief background of my client;  he's beaten his body up over the years; He's played University football, some rugby and national level rowing.  In his day, training was more along the lines of "Puke" or "Black out" and you'll improve.  Scary stuff. Needless to say, he now has two artificial hips, a bad shoulder etc etc.... Our goal has always been function and to reduce the incidence and/or duration of pain.  His programs are designed with daily living in mind.

When he came back this week, he shared with me the fact that without his 3 workouts per week (he's been a client for 6-years now), he could have never had enjoyed his surprise trip like he did.  The ramps, the stairs, and all the walking would have laid him up big time (and would have been very tough to handle).  But he felt great, and rather than worry about pain or discomfort, he simply enjoyed the lasting memory with his son and friends.

That is what fitness is about in my books.