Monday, 16 October 2017

Decrease your distractions

It's Monday morning.  I feel good. We had a busy but fun weekend between running the cafe and our friend's wedding.  I set the clock a bit earlier this morning to get some work done before the day starts rolling, as I have a busy day at the studio ahead. 

I've been really seriously considering deleting Facebook and Twitter off my phone for the past few weeks.  These two apps are complete distractions for me.  It's not that I don't want to use them anymore, but I need to not check them so often (as many of us do).  It's especially frustrating when I'm trying to get work done, or even something around the house and I think, "I'll just check Facebook quick".  Ya, right! The words, Facebook (or Twitter) and quick do NOT go together. LOL  Sometimes I'll check them a few times in a half-hour.  Why!?!? 

Have you ever sat and really thought about, or been mindful of the distractions in your typical day? I've been really trying to be mindful of this for quite a while now, and it's crazy how we fall into these habits, that take us away from the moment or from the task at hand.  This morning, I thought I would just do it - and delete the apps, no more thinking about it. 

As I said, it's not that won't go on Facebook or Twitter, but I'll be minimizing when I do to decrease distraction and time spent doing useless scrolling through social media.  With them off my phone, I will only be able to access them on my Chromebook. On there, I have downloaded an app that will limit my times I can access them (in particular avoiding them during working hours). 

So many of us grew up without social media and these kinds of distractions.  I'm one of those people who believe there's pros and cons to social media. However, the damage it does (has done) to our attention, mindfulness, productivity and mental health cannot be denied. 

If you think I've lost my mind;  that's fine, maybe I have.  If you're unsure whether you get easily distracted and waste away so much time on these social media sites, why not try a little experiment for a week or two? Pay attention to the little things like;

Do you feel more relaxed overall?

Do you get more done? 

Are you able to pay attention to conversations or tasks easier?

Health is so much more than eating well and being active.  These little things, will make a big difference in our mood, stress management and overall physical and mental health.