Monday, 18 September 2017

Back to old habits

Why do we get out of our routines?

 Why do we stop things that make us feel good? 

I recently got back to some old habits, and it feels good already a little over a week later.  But why would I get out of them?  In my profession I'm constantly striving to stay up to date; find the latest research and happenings in the industry, always reading, listening to podcasts from my favourite strength coaches... and with that comes some self experimentation.  What I haven't done though, is paid attention to how far off the path these experiments have taken me (away from the old habits that always worked well and made me feel good).  An unfortunate, reality. And the majority of the time, when we are searching to find the way back onto the path, it's usually the simplest routines that get us back there.  
Almost 2-weeks ago was the first week in I'd say at least 2-3 years that I did yoga every day, and some walking. It started with a simple goal for the week.  Do a yoga session every day for 1-week. Day 1 would be a "longer" 30min session, followed by a shorter 10-15min routine the next day.  The week would rotate along that pattern.  

It felt good. Well, afterwards. Haha!  But it really put things into perspective.  Why did I stop?  If it feels good, make it a priority.  Now here I am 2-3 years later, and much less flexible and mobile than I was.  Duh! 

Do what works for you!  I've said that many times to clients, yet it seems to elude my own thoughts and habits. 

I just came off a weekend away for 3-days following my 1-week of daily yoga.  I missed it.  This morning, I was back to it after waking up and it felt good.  I followed that by a nice cup of coffee, and a walk to school with my youngest daughter (enjoying this great "summer like" weather we're having here in the Quinte area).  

As always;  

  • Keep your routine and health habits simple.  
  • Do things you enjoy.  
  • Listen to your body;  Go hard when you feel full of energy, and go easy when you feel less energy. 
  • Include full-body work as much as possible. 
  • Breathe and slow down. 

**I strongly believe in weekly goals.  It's great to have long term goals, but life is constantly changing and things come up.  Set short term, 1-week goals.  It's easier to fit in, you don't have to worry as far into the future (which we can't control anyway), and you can re-adjust each week if something comes up or if something didn't work. The long term results of this being a consistent habit, will be fantastic. Give it a try. *****