Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Thoughts from my morning run

Had a great morning run for the first time in a while. No pressure. No set distance or set expectations. Just get out and enjoy the morning. It was nice to get out. Saw 2 deer in the field, a cardinal and a turtle on my route. Not to mention, the weather was perfect.

Next run, I think I need to get back in trails instead of the road though. Even when I walk my daughter to school in the mornings during the year, the noise from the dump trucks, motorcycles, big trucks etc... annoy me more and more each day.

I've found over the past handful of years, my workouts/activity has become more internally focused for me;

-I want to focus on me- 

-I want to disconnect from the world around me-

-I want to be mindful in my activity of choice-

-I want to have inner calm, with outside effort-

-I want to be with my thoughts-

Granted, getting back into some meditation practice will help with some of this. But avoiding those noisy routes will too! It's so important to find what works for you. We're in a great time in health and fitness where it's (slowly) becoming more commonly accepted that we need to do what works for ourselves. If you like to run.... run. If you don't like to run... don't run. If you like going to a gym... go to a gym. If you don't like going to a gym.... you can still be healthy and not go to a gym. See what I mean?

People are successful in so many different methods of healthy habits, that it's finding what you enjoy and what you can do consistently.