Monday, 17 July 2017

Did you "kick today's ass??"

There's times when I hit the ideal day.  Do you know what I mean? Those days where it's the perfect blend of personal focus, work, and play.  I love those days, because you come out of it with the feeling of "Kicking that day's ass!!!"

Here's my day today (the ideal blend for me);

Wake up (7am) - this was actually 30min later than planned. I wanted to get up early to go for a walk, but I was so tired, I thought I'll do it later this morning before work.  (Not always the best practice but today it worked).

1-big glass of water - Got back in the habit a couple months ago of starting every morning with a big glass of water. A great habit.

30min-Walk - Just move and breathe. That's the only goal. Listened to my audio book and got my body moving to start the day.

Coffee and some reading - My favourite part of my mornings off.

Emails - Didn't have much other work that needed to be done today.

Breakfast and dishes - Had a great breakfast, and then got the dishes done to tidy up a bit.

Mobility & Stretching work - Worked through my usual routine on my yoga mat, while I started watching a documentary that I've had on the PVR forever.  :)

Lunch prep - Got my lunch ready and my work stuff. Then off to work I go.

Clients at the studio - Most Mondays this summer are soccer nights, so my days are short at the studio.  Afternoon clients, then home for coaching (and sometimes playing depending on the week).

Afternoon Mobility and Carries - Ran through 3 mobility drills and did some carries in between client sessions.

Home for supper - Again, typical soccer Monday. Head home. Eat. Get the soccer stuff ready. Family heads out to the game

Coaching - My daughter is playing her first year rep this season (U9 girls) and they played another awesome game tonight, for a 3-3 tie against a tough team.  Proud coach. :)

Home for a run - I was supposed to play my game tonight after coaching, but the field was washed out so our game was unfortunately cancelled.  On my way home, I thought why waste a perfect weather night inside just because I'm not playing. So I went for a great run and it felt fantastic.

And to finish the great day - Reading before bed. 

I've posted in the past about my ideal day, and just like this one, it was a day of balance.  If you haven't had those, see if you can find one, or better yet, create one for yourself.  Personal focus, some work and play are your key components that must be present.