Wednesday, 14 June 2017

YOU know YOU

I was enjoying my morning coffee, checking out my Twitter feeds and came across this on my personal feed;  

 I haven't watched Simpson's in years, but I enjoy some of the old quotes they post on their Twitter feed.  
Who says The Simpson's isn't educational??  

This quote reminds me of many of us.  We do what others do. We do what society says we "should" do.  Whether it truly works for us, or not.  Whether we truly want to or not. We do the trendy or popular thing. 

That's an ass-backwards attitude and YOU need to fix it! 

Like everything in life, you need to do what works for you and based on WHO YOU ARE.  

-If you are a runner for example (competitive or recreational), you're not going to train like a powerlifter are you? 

-If you love to eat meat, but you know a bunch of healthy vegans who tell you you shouldn't, would you stop?

-If a crossfitter says that's the way to be healthy and happy, but you really have no desire to do it, would you do it? 

-If you're a defensive lineman in football, are you going to run marathons and eat like a runner? 

These are all pretty simple examples, and yet many of us get caught up in "what works for others". STOP IT!  Here are the factors that matter in YOUR health habits; 

Does it work for you?
Does it make you feel good?
Does it help manage stress rather than cause stress?
Does it fit into your lifestyle, wants and needs?

Just because your neighbor, Bill had success with something, doesn't mean you will or that you even have to try it.  Let's stop thinking about what everyone else "wants for us" and start doing what needs to be done for ourselves when it comes to health. And in the same light, some of us need to stop trying to push people into what they're doing or what works for them.  We're all different and there are many ways to be healthy and happy.