Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Health: The Little Things

**I wrote this immediately when we got home because I was blown away by what I witnessed.  This took place about 2-weeks ago in the park near our home.  **

My youngest daughter and I were out for a bike ride last night at the park near our house. It's such a great place to go to run, bike, walk, blade etc... You have the canal on one side of you, the Trent River on the other, paved trails, grassy areas, a playground and a little beach. It's one of my favourite places, and it's a minute walk from my house.

Lately though, I've seen things that have been frustrating me. One of those things is people walking their dogs without a leash (that's a whole other post in itself). But last night, I saw something that completely blew my mind (and frustrated me in a couple ways).

As my daughter and I were biking back toward the hill that enters the park, I notice a van coming down the hill into the park (I assumed probably to park in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill). As the van approaches the bottom of the hill, it slows down to a stop, the driver's door opens and out jump two little dogs. They begin to run around, and the driver closes the door. So I tell my daughter we should head back the other way, because who knows if the dogs will chase us (with more concern the dogs may hurt themselves if they chase us riding or make my daughter fall off her bike as she's still learning to ride well). So as we head the other way, I look back and see that the van is continuing to creep forward while the dogs run around freely. So I'm not overly impressed already.

We head back up the small hill toward the canal and plan to start heading home for supper anyway.

As I get to the top of the hill, I look back and the van has now driven slowly all the way into the park (dogs still continuing to follow it and run freely). The van slows down and the window rolls down the rest of the way. Inside is a lady (maybe in her 50's), and she proceeds to light up a cigarette. She parks there for maybe 30sec after lighting her cigarette, and then begins to slowly turn the van around to head back the way they came.

I couldn't believe it!!?!?

Not only is this person being ignorant to others in the PUBLIC park by letting their dogs run free (regardless of others being around) but they are also SO IGNORANT to their own health,  they don't even get out to walk themselves!! Is this how we treat our bodies now??? Really!?!?!?!?! Not only is the smoking killing this woman, but her lifestyle habits clearly are not optimal.

I've never seen anything like this before, and hopefully never again.

This is the definition of bad habits.

Have we really got to the point where health isn't even in the "back seat" anymore, but completely thrown under the bus? 

Are we so sedentary that we can't even get out of our vehicle to walk our dogs ourselves and get some activity with them?

Our world is the most sick, malnourished and sedentary it's been in human existence and bad habits like this are the proof of WHY.  Don't let yourself be the example of bad habits - instead, choose to be an example of good habits and healthy, active living. 

You'll have no one to thank but yourself.