Sunday, 12 January 2014

Our lack of nutrition education is getting worse...

While in Wal-Mart last night I saw a boy (guessing 11-12yrs old) and his mom picking out some protein powder for him. 

When will we stop this madness?!?!? 

Protein supplements are meant to supplement our daily eating habits (to fill in the nutrient gaps). They are also designed for those who need more protein in order to promote recovery due to high volume/intensity exercise or sport. There are good protein powders and there are plenty of bad ones.

At 12yrs old neither of these are the case. Kids (and parents) need to learn how eat REAL FOOD before they start to buy supplements. If the eating foundation isn't in place, put your money towards educating yourself and your family and towards REAL FOOD before wasting your money on a tub of powder.

There's a time and place for protein supplements to come into play... 12 years old and Wal-Mart are neither the time nor the place.

I've preached this to my clients for years now: REAL FOOD and learning how to eat properly should always come before fancy, well marketed supplements.

Take the money you'll spend on the supplements and use it to see a health professional (in this case a Nutritionist) to get way more bang for your buck and LEARN!