Monday, 27 January 2014

For hockey parents and players: A must read!!!

This article hit it right on the head! I highly recommend you read this because this IS happening everywhere.
I've been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years, the past 7 of which had been mostly athletes/kids (and their parents). Believe me, we've all lost our minds!

I once had a client who was a high level soccer and rugby player.  After not seeing any progression in her conditioning, I dug a little deeper and learned that with everything she was involved in throughout her weeks, she truly had 30min a day that she could say she could do whatever she wanted.  30min!!??!  That's insane! Mentally and physically she was breaking down. This is more of a common thing now (a few years later). 

What I want to add to this, is that this is article below is only touching on hockey. My hockey players are good athletes and so in addition to hockey, they play on other high level teams in other sports, and school sports. Keep that in mind when you read the article in the link below.

We (as parents) NEED to start making changes.