Thursday, 25 April 2013

The NEW Living Energy

Hello all!  So much has been going on in 2013, but personally and professionally. However, I am proud to announce that things are settling back into a normal lifestyle and there is lots of exciting things happening.

One of those exciting things is the official opening of the new Living Energy studio.

It has been 8 years since I was co-owner of a small, private fitness studio.  This one however, I am extremely excited about and proud to call my new home for my clients.  The studio is small, simple and holds everything needed to create quality workouts and programs for my clients.

Located at 25 Pinnacle St S in Belleville, Ontario (in the Habourview Plaza), the new studio offers plenty of parking and is located a mere 2min walk away from a wonderful park, Myers Pier and the waterfront trails.  This offers some great options for the new 'Energy Boost' classes and for training sessions themselves.

The new logo is designed perfectly to reflect my philosophy and style.  The Zen circle represents the mind-body-spirit element that fascinates me.  I am constantly learning more about meditation, chakras, relaxation techniques etc and to combine these study topics with my Level 2 Usui Reiki certification, it is a big part of my beliefs.  The athlete in the centre of the circle represents my love for sports and passion for helping athletes get to the next level of performance.  In addition, it represents my approach to training for the general population;  we can all train like athletes.  We may not train at the same volume or intensity as high level athletes, but we can approach our training like an athlete;  strength, stability, flexibility and mobility, agility, balance.... All elements transfer over perfectly into our daily lives, no matter what we do.

For more information about the new studio, please visit the new website:

This blog, the facebook page etc is about to get very active!  Keep sharing and keep watching for lots of great stuff to come!

I can't thank my family and friends enough for all their support during this crazy 2013 beginning.  And of course, I have to thank my clients for sticking with me, and being so supportive as well during this transition.

Yours in Mind, Body and Spirit,

Derek Arsenault (CSEP-CPT)
Living Energy Coach