Sunday, 4 November 2012

TRUE Fitness Pros

It's Sunday morning, and I'm relaxing doing my usual weekend morning routine;  hot water and lemon after I get up, a breakfast smoothie and some relaxing with a coffee and checking out some news online.  Some of these days though I come across something that gets to me, and I just have to say my piece.

This morning I was on the Huffington Post (which I do enjoy reading), and I came across "20 Fitness Experts to follow on Twitter".  I was curious.  How many do I follow? Maybe there will be new ones I could follow.  Guess what?..... NO WAY.  The list was comprised of  "Celebrity Trainers" and other well-marketed professionals.   Nowhere on the list was there any TRUE Fitness professionals in my opinion.  The real experts who have had their time in the gym, with clients of all levels of fitness, read research, experimented with training aspects and philosophies etc.   These people are the ones we should be following.

When I read these lists or articles in the paper it bothers me.  As professionals we are trying to get people to understand their bodies as an individual, and where to look for solid, well researched information.  These lists send us in the opposite direction.  And it's simply because the TRUE professionals don't need to market themselves everywhere, and be in the "spotlight".  They do their jobs so well and so professionally, people know where to find them.

Having said that, I thought I'd do up my list of names of professionals that I feel should be on a "list":

Lorne Goldenberg
Michael Boyle
Vern Gambetta
Art DeVany
Paul Chek
Dr. Len Kravitz
Dr. Greg Wells
Gary Roberts
Dan John
Dr. Paul Van Weichen
Sean Skahan