Wednesday, 21 November 2012

"Born to Run" by Chris McDougall - Book Review

I (finally) got to read the book I've been wanting to read for 2 years now!  "Born to Run" by Chris McDougall.  As a 2 year barefoot runner, I kind of did this in reverse. Technically I should've read the book first (since it was a podcast with Chris McDougall that sparked my barefoot running interest) and then start to run barefoot. But, I did it in the opposite order. 

What I was surprised about was, although this book definitely favors minimalist/barefoot running it was much more than that.  The book delves deeper into the heart and soul of running. 

The fact that it's based on actual events, people etc makes it great. But the fact that it just makes you want to go for a run every time you put it down (if you can) is incredible.  I am not a competitive runner. I would call myself a recreational runner.  Do I enjoy it? Yes. Do I do it to train for races or competitions? No. I do it for the health benefits, the meditative aspect to it, and to train for soccer.  I am no where near as into running as the people Chris introduces us to in this book. 

But the strategy of running, the heart, the technical aspects.... He brings it all to the forefront.  In addition to this, he discusses human evolution;  why we are who we are in terms of running.  He also delves into how evolution really did make us "Born to Run". 

Amazing book. I'd highly recommend it to any runner, fitness enthusiast or even someone who's thinking about doing a "couch to 5k" type program. 

5/5 in my mind!  :o)