Saturday, 21 July 2012

#1Life Rule: Life is so precious....

This morning I just learned of the passing of two people I only this past year had the pleasure of meeting. They were husband and wife and they both played pick-up hockey in my Thursday night group. Both of whom, I believe are in their late 40's.

This sad news makes me think about their children, family and friends... As well as my own.
We complain about bills, work, money, things to get done etc. But when we receive news like this, none of it matters. Life is short. In this case, way too short.

When you hear things like: Enjoy life's simple pleasures, relax, play, spend time witht those you care for most... Please take that advice. Yes we can all work hard, and keep ourselves healthy but we absolutely have to play and love life even harder!!

R.I.P Paul and Cindy. Go Habs Go.