Friday, 29 June 2012

We are nature and don't forget it!

I'm sitting here feeling like it's one of those "frustration" mornings where I just don't get it.  I'm thinking of a variety of clients I've dealt with over the 11 years in the industry and some of consistent things that seem to appear over and over again:

  • An obsession with supplements
  • An extremely low drive to care about what goes in the body
  • A constant search for the quick fix
  • Forgetting how "we" got here 
*An obsession with supplements:  

I'm one of those fitness professionals who believes that supplements are not the be-all and end-all when it comes to our nutrition.  Do I believe they have their place? Yes. Do I believe we all need them? No. Do I believe if you do take them that it should be for the rest of your life? No.  There's so much more to learn, than just going into the store, talking to the person who was trained to sell the product and then taking it home to start taking it.  As a Fitness Coach I never recommend a particular supplement. I always turn to REAL FOOD first.  Then if need be, I try to guide my clients towards visiting a Nutritionist to discuss potential supplements to make sure they're getting the right teaching, right products and right understanding of how to use them.   

*Low-drive to care about what goes in the body:

This is in my opinion, an epidemic in itself.  Why do we, as humans, not care about what goes in our body? On a daily basis I deal with athletes, kids and worst of all parents who just don't seem to care.  We have to LEARN.  We have to start understanding what we're putting into our bodies and what it's doing to us from the inside.  Our society is so focused on "judging a book by it's cover" that it's literally destroying our health and our lifestyles.  Speak to a Nutritionist at least once your life to get the ball rolling and get some answers to your questions, learn to read ingredients list (even more so than the nutrition label).  WHAT we put into our body will have a greater impact than how much.  And WHAT we put into our body as FUEL will decide how energetic we are, how our body changes, what mood we're in etc.  Food has a MAJOR impact on the body - Let's start learning about it to a greater extent.

*The constant search for the quick fix:

Even when I was in college working towards my Fitness & Health diploma, this was a big thing.  After 11 years working in the industry, it hasn't even died down in my opinion.  Clients still search for the quick fix;  "What's the best exercise for your abs? ", "What's the best thing to eat for breakfast?",  "How can I lose weight quick?".... I rarely (if ever) get;  "How can I improve my lifestyle so that I can have an active, happy and healthy future?".  In addition, we need to remember that there's no "one-size fits all approach".  Everyone is different inside and out.  Every human body needs some variations compared to the next whether it be fitness, nutrition or wellness.  Find what works for you and keep variety in your routine. Above all, go for the healthy path - not the quick fix.

*Forgetting how "we" go here: 

More and more this has become a philosophy in terms of my own lifestyle and training.   Society has created a position where we have forgotten how "we" (humans) got to where we are now.  We didn't get here by eating chemically loaded artificial garbage, by being overly technical with our activity, or by over-working ourselves to the point of high stress, lack of play and disease.  We got here by living of the land (eating from nature... i.e. REAL FOOD), by moving to survive and by simply living. Nothing extravagant, nothing too technical... just live, breathe, play, rest.  Slowly but surely, the fitness and health industry is beginning to realize that what was done for millions of years to get us to where we are now, might actually be a good thing, and that what we've been doing within the past 10,000 years (when disease and epidemics like obesity have skyrocketed) is in reality, heading us down a nasty, nasty road.