Friday, 2 March 2012

"Be the best that you can be"

Today begins one of three talks with grade 7/8 students at Harry J. Clarke Public School in Belleville, ON.  I'm always excited to speak to various groups of all ages, but when it comes to students I always get that extra bit of adrenalin.

My talks this month are in regards to the theme, "Be the best that you can be".  This is a phrase I think that we all need to think about;  like really think about from time to time. Take yourself off auto-pilot for a few minutes and really ask yourself, "How can I better myself? How can I continue to grow personally and professionally? How can I get to where I want to be in life?"

My talks this month to these students offer me a great opportunity to not only discuss what I teach on a daily basis (healthy, active lifestyle), but to tell my story;  going from the chubby kid who plays sports, to a Fitness Professional, respected athlete and Conditioning Coach to hundreds of people each year.

**Never stop growing;  mentally, physically and spiritually.  
You only live once.  
Be the best that you can be! **