Saturday, 18 February 2012

"Personal Trainer" - a thing of the past

For 11 years now I've been working in the Fitness & Health industry.  One thing that has begun to really get stuck in my mind is what we (in my role) are called; "Personal Trainers".  It's actually beginning to bug me whenever I call myself, a "Personal Trainer".  A better name for my fellow colleagues and I in my opinion is, "Fitness Coach".

To me (and based on my experience) the words Personal Trainer conjure up some of the following images:
  • "Celebrity Trainers"
  • Expensive
  • "Magicians" 
  • Someone who shows people how to work out and spends all day in the gym
However, when I hear the words Fitness Coach, it more reminds me of a coach from a sport or education stand-point, that more accurately portrays our profession :
  • A Guide
  • A Motivator
  • An Educator
  • A Role Model
  • Someone to help you understand your limits, strengths and weaknesses
  • Someone who will lead you, give you the tools to succeed and who will stand by you while you do     
As the profession and industry evolve, I think we need to look at moving away from some of these titles that are from the past.  Lets create new images and standards within our profession by giving people something fresh.  Many people at some point in their life have had a "coach", whereas less people have had a "Personal Trainer".

In my opinion, people will start with a different attitude all together when they hire a professional with "coach" in the title.  They will have a better understanding immediately of our role in helping them achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.